We’ve become one of the most-respected digital agencies in Australia because our clients have demanded it.

We’re a global agency with staff and clients all over the world. We work with some of the world’s most recognisable brands to define, develop, deploy and evolve their investments in mar-tech.

Bower House digital began in the living room of a shack on Bower St, a short stroll from our Technical Director’s favourite surf break The Bower. The best thing about The Bower? “It’s very good right when it works”. That’s how we feel about MarTech, it’s bloody good…when it works. We were sick and tired of big agencies offering “big” solutions. We saw an opportunity to help businesses to get the most value out of their technology and to help them make smart choices to reduce their technical debt.

Why do the best work with us? We’re energised by complex problems, we give you real solutions but without the fluff! We’re big on addressing the root cause and not the symptoms of your tech problems. We have a relentless drive to add value, do great work and provide a service second to none. We won’t just get it done, we will get it done right.

We like to think and dream big. Our obsession with technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our strategy is driven by the latest trends in digital and how this will impact our clients’ business and most importantly, their customers. We don’t just dream big, we have the tools to make big dreams reality.

Why work for us?


Everyone has to work, so we might as well have fun doing it.


At Bower, we invest in each individual team member and have a collective ‘can-do’ attitude. You’re encouraged to forge your own career pathway through extensive personalised training with our own specialised training programs and with the help of a diverse team of industry experts.

While we encourage a multidisciplinary approach with our employees, we don’t think everyone should be an expert in everything! Our staff lean into what they’re good at and push it to the limit so they are not only industry leaders but industry disruptors.

We keep things light and fun. We’re as passionate about having fun as we are about doing great work. With plenty of staff events – whether it’s going for a drink after work, enjoying dinner together – just because – or going on Ski trips, maintaining a good work-life balance is a priority for us and we work as a team to help make that a reality for everyone.

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