We provide you with key insights, professional recommendations, automated reports and visual dashboards on your campaigns. We look at what works and what doesn’t – adjusting copy, content, creative and segmentation according to performance reports.


A key to a successful campaign is measuring performance. We tag each individual component of your campaign so you can easily measure both the campaign and specific content performance.

Test & Learn

Through the use of A/B testing, small changes can make a big difference. We help design and implement comprehensive test & learn strategies with real-time reporting to measure the effect on conversions.


We make sure your messages reach your customers. With the use of campaign and domain reporting, we identify possible issues with your deliverability on an ISP level. Helping you remediate any problems quickly and without fault.


The human brain processes visual information better than it processes text – so the use of charts, graphs, design elements and data visualisation can help you identify and analyse trends and stats much more easily.


Key reports and insights are delivered to your inbox daily through the use of automation and reporting tools. We combine data from multiple sources, enabling you to spend your time on the analysis, and not on the tedious task of aggregating and stitching data.

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