Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release October 2020

A key summary of all October 17th 2020 releases and edits.

Customer 360 Audiences

Customer 360 Audiences, our enterprise-wide customer data platform solution, enables marketers to capture, unify, segment and activate all their customer data. It provides marketers a single source of truth of their customer and makes that data available for creating personalised experiences across every touchpoint.

New Pardot Email Experience

Send emails created in Lightning Content Builder through a new list send experience in the Pardot Lightning App. View how emails are performing at the send level, and also see aggregated metrics across multiple sends at the email content level.

Available with All; Growth, Plus, Advanced, Premium; Salesforce Lightning is required.

Interaction Studio: Triggers for Journey Builder

Interaction Studio: Triggers for Journey Builder allows our customers to create segments in real time based on the actions their customers/visitors take on a website, with an email, on the mobile app, and more. These segments are activated in Journey Builder to present real time, 1-to-1 content based on affinities.

Sandbox for Datorama

Ensure data governance best practice with a dedicated testing environment.Sandbox for Datorama gives admins the ability to test setup configuration and data changes in an isolated development environment that is always in sync with Production.

Datorama Media Planning Center

Optimise your media budget allocations with advanced planning tools. With the Media Planning Center, you can create, manage, and analyse media plans; identify media plan optimisation opportunities; and use Einstein AI to model your media mix and test scenarios.

Available in all editions.

Einstein for Marketing Cloud Enhancements

The new version of Einstein Engagement Frequency uses a personalised contact-level model, to maximise open rates. EEF is also directly integrated with Journey Builder using the new EEF split activity that can be used on the JB canvas. The Einstein Enhancements continue with Send Time Optimisation support for single send journeys and Einstein Engagement Scoring for Mobile Push.

Included in Corporate and Enterprise Editions.

Advertising Studio: LinkedIn Company Matching  

With LinkedIn Matched Audiences, customers now have access to unique targeting capabilities that give you the ability to combine LinkedIn’s powerful professional data with your own first-party data.

Available for all Advertising Studio customers who have a LinkedIn ad account

Full release FAQ can be found here – October release FAQ

October 17th Release Edits – What’s changing? 

Marketing Cloud App and Setup October 2020 Release Notes

Learn about enhancements to SSL certificates, Audit Trail, and Alert Manager.

Marketing Cloud Cross-Cloud Integrations October 2020 Release Notes

We’re retiring the A/B test feature in Marketing Cloud Connect in January 2021. V2 of Marketing Cloud Connect is scheduled to retire in March 2021. Distributed Marketing updates include image block enhancements, campaign send enhancements, and the ability to send bulk quick send messages from a list view.

Marketing Cloud Journeys and Messages October 2020 Release Notes

If you’re a MobilePush customer who uses beacons and geofences, check out the latest iOS 14 updates. MobilePush is retiring the user interface for .p12 certificates. Campaigns functionality is removed from Email Studio. Standard Content Builder blocks now output accessible HTML and the Email Form block is enhanced. Google Chrome blocks mixed content.

Marketing Cloud Data Management October 2020 Release Notes

Synchronised Data Extensions is limited to 250 fields.

Marketing Cloud Einstein October 2020 Release Notes

Get the power of Einstein Engagement Frequency for push messages, use two Einstein split activities in Journey Builder, and understand yours send time data quality.

Marketing Cloud Social October 2020 Release Notes

You can target LinkedIn posts by region in Social Studio. And you can improve accessibility for your LinkedIn posts by adding image alt text.

Marketing Cloud Developers October 2020 Release Notes

Review the following topics to learn about changes or updates that relate to Marketing Cloud APIs or developer topics.

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